Federer back in Perth for Hopman Cup

Federer back in Perth for Hopman Cup

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Roger Federer is in Perth City for the first time in 15 years, and the Tennis West chief executive Michael Roberts is not happy about the deplorable state the A-list tennis player found the facilities at the State Tennis Centre in. The Swiss tennis player is in town for the 29th edition of the Hopman Cup and Michael Roberts, who is also the cup’s general manager, cannot help but express his disappointment at not having met the standards worthy of the tennis star.

Roberts was undoubtedly embarrassed about the whole incident and is keen on seeing the State Tennis Center get the major overhaul it very much needs. While there is little to fuss about when it comes to the courts, the gym is in shambles according to Roberts. His concern for the sub-par state of the facilities causes him to wonder how the State Tennis Centre has not fallen on the radar of the ITF yet.

Currently, the gym that is in use happens to be in a room that has a few walls missing (the walls were literally knocked down) due to an ongoing expansion project. He admitted that it was not a great look especially since he intends to keep hosting world-class tennis players.

The Tennis West chief executive has already mapped out a plan for the revitalization of the Burswood-based State Tennis Centre. Already, the project’s entire cost has been calculated to a substantial $46 million, $16 million of which will be dedicated to the replacement of the tennis courts which will bring the total number of outdoor courts to 22. Of the 22, four will be clay courts—something that has been much in demand.

Roberts also plans to renovate the administration block, which he also says is in a sorry state, on the second leg of his project. The third and fourth stages of the renovation will create four indoor courts and plenty of accommodation for the visitors of the Tennis State Centre.