Lisa Rinna looking great at 53

Lisa Rinna looking great at 53

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Lisa Rinna, apart from her undeniable talent, is well known for her sassiness and, quite fittingly, her luscious pout. According to Guy Watts Plastic Surgeon, more women are opting for cosmetic surgery than ever before.

Apparently, the attractiveness of Lisa’s full lips is not lost on her husband, Harry Hamin, who chose to humorously express himself by getting her a lip print bikini. Later, on her Instagram page, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress expressed her gratitude by posting a picture of her in the sexy bikini (to the drooling delight of her fans), whose caption read in part “HH brought me back a Lips Bikini”.

True to form, the actress couldn’t resist showing a bit of her sassy side by following up the sweet caption with “Yes, my hair is different in this shot. And Yes I’m 53. And yes I f*****g own it.”

Lisa has had to put a lot of work in to look how she does at 53. Many of her fans feel like her sass and unbridled confidence are warranted for since the actress has really worked to keep herself looking as young as she does despite her age.

As for her personality, the actress is getting fiercer than ever and remains a key source of motivation for the young ladies who blatantly idolize the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Her parting statement on the already famous Instagram photo might just as well become the actress’s personal mantra, seeing that no one is better suited to say it like she does. From her obviously strict gym routine to her fantastic diet and fitness regimes, it is safe to say that we will be seeing a lot more of this sexy side of Lisa Rinna for a long time.