Perth twins look to tie the knot

Perth twins look to tie the knot

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A Perth-based set of twins are apparently stopping at nothing in their quest to remain as identical as possible.
According to Breast Implants Perth, they have already spent a cool $200,000 on major and minor cosmetic surgeries such as, lip fillers, and even uniquely tattooed eyebrows.

Amidst debate over whether this seemingly escalating publicity stunt will end in a functional marriage, and a polygamous one at that, it is clear that the only thing consistent in this progressively unprecedented series of events is the twins’ dedication to looking inseparable.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque met their husband-to-be 5 years ago on Facebook. Mr. Byrnes, who is also a twin, is apparently equally in love with both of them, according to the twins. In an interview on This Morning in April, a UK Breakfast program, Lucy mentioned that their need to be similar in every single way is visible even in matters of the heart—their fiancé has to show them equal amounts of affection.

She also mentioned that there had never been any instances of jealously since the trio love each other equally. While not the easiest job in the world for Mr. Byrnes, the twins suggest that no man would pass up a chance like this.

Mr. Byrnes is apparently well aware of what goes on with twins, seeing that he is also one of a pair. This helps him understand the DeCinque twins’ need to be around each other constantly although it is not clear whether it also explains their need to look identical.

The DeCinque twins have had their moment in the limelight time and again. They have appeared on popular television show Botched on E! After one of their attempts to look identical ended up in a mess that needed the intervention of the show’s plastic surgeons to correct. It was here that they finally ended up getting truly identical breasts.

One of their more controversial appearances was on Insight, an SBS discussion show. They were invited to take part in a two-part series in which scientists and social researchers were studying the characters and behaviours of twins in an effort to reveal conclusive results to the society. In the show, the twins divulged their true day-to-day lives which provided a detailed account of what exactly they went through to ensure that they remained identical.

Much more stringent than expected, their routine involved eating same size portions of every meal and partaking in the same type and amount of calorie-burning activity (every step is accounted for).

The twins announced their engagement on YouTube in a video that was accentuated with enormous diamond rings from their beau and the eerie way the twins kept finishing each other’s sentences. The marriage will not be as easy to seal, however, based on the fact that polygamous marriages are banned in all states except Tucson.

The twins are however okay with settling for a simple commitment ceremony instead since this is the only legal way they can get hitched to their fiancé.